Thursday, June 20, 2013

Marshall Faulk Six Children With Four Women

Marshall Faulk Six Children With Four Women, Marshall Faulk $15,000 child support; fathered six children with four women: Marshall Faulk must not have been paying attention during Kurt Warner’s annual “Just because Jesus loves you, doesn’t mean he approves of nailing every Cheesecake Factory waitress with a botched boob job and paternity lawyer on speed dial,” speech.

Faulk, whose child support payments rival his career yardage, joined the NFL’s “frequent impregnator program” in the late 1990s and has been one of its most valuable members ever since...reported

His commitment to casual sex and inability to decipher the complexities of condom use make him a first ballot shoe-in for the “Is That Kid Mine?” Hall of Fame.

The names of all the children of football player Marshall Faulk is not listed. However, he does have a son named Marshall William Faulk, Jr., born in 1995, to Faulk and his ex-girlfriend Candace Patton. He has 6 children with at least four women.
Title: Marshall Faulk Six Children With Four Women
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