Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bethany Quote 6

Dad heard this Bethany quote,
and told us about it tonight.
Bethany is sorta-kinda potty training.
Sometimes she has a diaper, sometimes she doesn't.
On this particular afternoon she didn't, and was playing outside.
My dad walked out into the garage and saw a big puddle of water.
He saw a water bottle turned over and thought maybe the water was from that.
After cleaning it up, he went to find Bethany.
"Bethany," he asked, "did you spill your water?"
"No." she answered, "pee-pee!"

Monday, July 21, 2014

Brandon's Braces

Today Brandon got braces!
He is supposed to have them for about 2 years, so he'll be 14 when he gets them off.
I think by that time he'll be taller than me:(
I got braces at age 10, and had them for over 4 years.
Hopefully he won't have them that long.
He seems to be ok with them,
and says they don't hurt.
Here he is before braces:
and with braces:
I think he looks older with them.
What do you think?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Playing in the Sprinkler

We enjoy sprinklers,
and this one, is particularly fun!
I think Brandon or David bought it at AWANA (a church program) one year,
and it's been used and enjoyed every summer since.
One of their favorite things to do is fun and jump on it.
Look at their faces.  David has the aha, gotcha! face, and Brandon looks apprehensive.
Sprinklers are one of our favorite summer toys. 
What are some of yours?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Enjoying Summer with Kailie....

Earlier this summer, we had our cousin Kailie come to stay with us for the day.
She is a real sweetie, and fun to be around.
At this point, the pool was freezing cold,
but she insisted she "likes it cold," and was determined to stick it out.
And she did!
All day.
Kaden was in and out of the shower trying to warm up after being in the pool,
and Brandon got in too for a while.
I got some pretty cute pictures of them playing.
which is your favorite?

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