Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Today choose to BLOOM - where ever you are and whatever you're doing.
God has you right where you are for a reason.
Choose to BLOOM right there!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kaden Quotes 26-28

Kaden venting:
Kaden: "Sometimes boys look at me and say, 'hi little boy'. 
But I not little.  I tell them, 'I'm a big boy!', and they say, 'oh, hi big boy!'
And I say, 'you right'!"

As were passing a grave yard while driving in the car one day:

Kaden:  "Why we have to be quiet?"
Mom:  "What do you mean?"
Kaden"  "Brittany say we have to be quiet."
Kaden:  "Because people in their tombs."

While watching the wedding of 19 Kids and Counting:

Kaden:  Brittany, my heart so excited.
*breathes heavily*
Kaden: My heart so excited, and I cannot stop it!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Just Like Me

Faces.  Grins.  Smirks. 
Teens sit in groups waiting for a class at a public school to begin. 
Most of these groups could rightly be called "cliques", and those who are not part of one sit alone.
I watch the people around me.
As I do, I realize that, for the first time in my life, I sit among the "popular kids".
Others are around us.
Some are in their own little groups, others sit silently alone.
Oddly, I find no fulfillment in being here.
Instead I find in defrauding. 
The "cool" kids talk disrespectfully.  They curse.  They swear.  They put each other down.
What on earth are they doing?!  I wonder.
But I know.
They are insecure, just like me.
They just express it differently.
When I become insecure or anxious I "hide".  I don't say a word, I avoid people, I put myself down.
They do the opposite. 
They put others down.
They become loud.
Both responses to insecurity are not right, because both stem from fear.
Fear that has been paid for and should be gone.
My anxiety and all my shortcomings were paid for, and need to go. 
When I become anxious and choose to continue to feel fear, I indirectly and unpurposefully say, "What Jesus did is not enough for me."
I don't choose to become afraid or anxious.
But I do choose what I do with those feelings.
I am choosing to accept the price paid for me, and live free - because I am.
I see people differently.
Every teen has some sort of insecurity. 
Everyone is trying to figure something out, and everyone wants to appear "cool" before their peers.
The "cool" kids are insecure - just like me. 
And the cool kids have an answer - just like me.
But it's up to each one of us individually what we will do with it.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Do Life Big (Video)

Going to the beach every year with my cousins, aunts, uncles and family is something we all look forward to more than Christmas!
This year was probably the best year ever, and I loved every minute of it.
It's been a tradition for the past 5ish years that we make a video with all the cousins to play at the end of the week.
This year was no exception!
It was a little different from other years,
but it turned out so well!
It was made up of 8 mini videos all piled together into one.
Do Life Big is one of my two favorites :)


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Learning to Be Still

"So how are you, Brittany?"  I'm asked.
"I'm great!" I respond, "a little tired because I've been so busy, but busy is great!"
You see, I'm a doer. 
My day consists of being productive (aka working, creating, serving) eating and sleeping.
I simply love to do.
I'm happiest when I'm very busy "accomplishing" things.
Busy is always best, am I right?!
I sure thought so, but man was I wrong.
This past year has been a year of discovery for me, and the discoveries continue.
Let me back up...
There was a time where business was a form of survival.  Thankfully, that time has passed (hallelujah!).
But that time damaged me. 
I subconsciously trained myself to be busy with the strictness of a drill sergeant.   I found meaning in being productive, and I found life purpose in doing.
Danger alert!  Danger alert!
Hold everything and back up, this just isn't right.  It's obvious now, but at the time I wasn't even aware of the danger. 
A year and a half of constant business passed. 
During this time, I reprogramed by brain in the area of production.  I got to the point where I despised activities that I believed had no purpose. 
Reading is an example.  I used to love to read.  I would read all the time. Some of my favorite memories are of me sitting in bed in the wee hours of the morning transported to another world through the magic of books.
But what did that accomplish?  I would later think.  That was utterly pointless. I have wasted hours of my day sitting here doing absolutely nothing. 
So gradually I stopped reading.
Sure, I did read some.  School books, how-to books, and devotionals made up my literary diet.  All imagination erased in pure productivity. 
How disgustingly bland.
Reading is an example, but productivity dominated every part of my day.
So much so that it began to destroy me.
2 months ago when we went on a family trip to Florida, I became horribly depressed.  ON VACATION.
I was miserable because I had to relax and I couldn't always do.
I felt like I wasn't able to fulfill my purpose in life, I wasn't able to encourage others and I was miserable. Again, this was while I was on vacation.  yuck.
And then I got super scared, thinking,
"If I'm ever blessed with a really good friend (and I am now, this was back a little ways) how will I ever be able to maintain the friendship?
I despised the thought of just "hanging out", and that's what friends do.
Or what about when I begin a courtship relationship?
It takes so much time of doing and just being to get to get to know someone well.
How will I ever be able to do that?"
I was scared silly.
There was the motivation, I had the willingness, so what was the plan?
I tried to figure it all out.  So what are the steps?  Alphabetical order, please.
 That's when my mom and I had a conversation about it.
"Back when everything was perfect," she said, "God didn't require Adam and Eve to work in the Garden.  He wanted them to enjoy.  He wanted them to enjoy walking with Him in the garden and simply enjoying his presence."
And that's when I clicked for me.
Above all else, I want to glorify God.  I nearly always have.  That is my purpose in life, that's the reason why I'm living and why he's kept me alive.
If He wants me to be still and simply walk with him, I WANT to.
Then God showed me why he wanted me  to just be still and enjoy.
I saw God, perfect and holy, pleased with his creation.
He had worked to create this for us.  And for me.
He wants me to look around and enjoy it, literally taking the time to stop and smell the roses.
Because that glorifies God.
That makes Him happy.
There I was, flying through life "accomplishing" things.
And there He was, wanting me to stop and enjoy Him and what he made for me.
And now I am going on vacation again.
I am going to enjoy living.
I am going there with willingness to stop and walk with God, willingness to be still, listen and enjoy my Father.
Yes, I will do.
I will do things that I love to do, but I am doing them because I love to do them and not to "accomplish" things.
I go to sacrifice my will to God by relaxing and enjoying.
And I have a feeling that its going to be pretty darn nice. :)

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