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Family sore over school paddling

Family sore over school paddling , I was paddled at school from elementary school through high school. In elementary school, teachers were allowed to paddle, and all the teachers had a wooden paddle in their desk drawers.

What happened was that if you were gonna get a paddling, you had to go into the hallway and the teacher would follow you out, paddle in hand. Then you had to stand against the wall and told exactly why you were going to get a paddling. After that you had to bend over, hands on knees, and got spanked. Most teachers gave only 2 or 3 swats, but my 5th grade teacher sometimes gave 5. After you were paddled you had to go back into the classroom and everyone would know you got a paddling. That meant fielding questions for the rest of the day about how many swats, did it hurt, etc. I ended up getting 3 or 4 spankings per year, so by the time I got to middle school, I was an old hat at paddlings.

In middle and high school, things changed. Starting in middle school, all paddlings were administered in the office by the vice principal. In middle school you had the choice of detention or a paddling. I always chose the paddle, mainly because I did not want to waste time in detention after school. When I was sent to the office for a paddling, I would be asked if I wanted detention or a paddling, and I would always choose a spanking, get it over with. Then I got lectured for a few minutes about exactly why I was getting a paddling. After that, I would be told to stand up, and to bend over the desk. After I was bent over, the VP would tap the paddle on my bottom to "take aim" before giving me 3 hard swats. After the paddling, I was told to stand up, and my hands would fly to my spanked bottom and rub furiously. I was given a pass back to class and allowed to leave. On the way, I always stopped by the bathroom to check out my bottom in the mirror. My bottom was sore after getting spanked, but usually no worse than dark pink where the paddle had landed. I probably got at least 15 paddlings from 6th - 8th grade.

My high school had 2 vice principals, one for 9th & 10th grade, and one for 11th & 12th grades. Both were authorized to paddle, although it was no secret that the VP for 9th & 10th grade paddled  harder. Either VP could paddle anyone, so really it was the luck of the draw as to who spanked you on a particular day. What would happen was pretty much the same thing as in middle school, you had to go to the office, and were given the choice between detention, iss, or a paddling. Then just like in middle school, you were lectured about why you were going to be spanked, then told to stand up and bend over the desk. Then you were given 5 swats.

Only real difference was that in high school, in addition to getting 5 swats instead of 3, was that the swats were given about 5 seconds apart. In middle school, the swats were given quickly, SPANK!SPANK!SPANK! and it was over. When you got to high school, it was different. You got the 1st swat SPANK!! About 5 seconds later SPANK!! then another pause SPANK!! then another pause SPANK!! and finally SPANK!! the last swat was administered and you could stand up. Then, just as in middle school, you were given a pass back to class and allowed to leave. I always stopped in the bathroom to check my bottom, and noticed that my bottom was usually very red, not to mention sore.

In high school I probably got 20 - 25 spankings, my last one being about a month before graduation.
Title: Family sore over school paddling
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