Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Leonardo Dicaprio Chinese Cell Phone Commercial $5 Million

Leonardo Dicaprio Chinese Cell Phone Commercial $5 Million, There's a new Million Dollar Man. Well actually, it's a new Five Million Dollar Man. Leonardo DiCaprio has started filming his new ad for the cell phone company, Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.

The ad will be appearing exclusively in Asia later this year. The actor was spotted yesterday filming his new TV commercial in Paris, France. Leo has simultaneously been working on his upcoming film J. Edgar. Now that is multi-tasking in the extreme (and making big bucks to do so.)
Leonardo DiCaprio to Earn $5 Million for Chinese Cell Phone Ad

Celebrity endorsements aren't new. According to an article written by Joyce Lee, CBSNews, "last December, actress Julia Roberts was reportedly paid about $1.5 million to appear - and not speak - in a 45-second commercial for Italian coffee brand Lavazza."

DiCaprio is reportedly making $5 million for this 30 second Chinese cell phone commercial. (Can we assume this is also a non-speaking part since DiCaprio probably doesn't speak Chinese?) The deal is believed to be the most lucrative endorsement contract so far for the 36-year-old, who has also previously fronted ad campaigns for Suzuki and Tag Heuer.

The set of the commercial is the Alexander III Bridge in Paris. DiCaprio is being paid an exorbitant fee to run across the bridge. Nice work if you can get it. Does anyone else feel this is just over the top? $5 million dollars for a 30 second spot commercial? It certainly does say something about value systems.

Of course I shouldn't be surprised. In a world where we pay professional athletes millions of dollars per year to do what they love doing, it really shouldn't be a shock that celebrities are garnering millions for their endorsements of products.

I personally don't find celebrity endorsements persuade me to buy the product. After all, the celebrities are paid to say nice things about the product (or in this case, to run and not speak.) I find customer testimonials are much more persuasive to making me purchase an item. But hey, who wants to see your next door neighbor run across a bridge?

Are you a celebrity watcher? Does the fact that a famous person endorses a product create the desire for you to spend money? Or are you more of a down-to-earth purchaser? Let us know.

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Title: Leonardo Dicaprio Chinese Cell Phone Commercial $5 Million
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