Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Herriman utah

Herriman utah,  Can there any good thing come out of Utah? For soul-mates Lynette and Clinton Hamblin the answer is yes. The loving couple were deeply touched by the 2009 Disney/Pixar film which grossed $731 million at the box office and another $180 million from DVD and digital download sales.

As for the Hamblins, they longed for a home that resembled the one featured in the film. For them, it would be the place they would grow old in as they search together for the adventures that life has to offer everyone. However, where would such a house be found? For starters, the home was unique in its designs and retro-look not to mention the pastel multi-coloring of the exterior.

As it turns out, Banterer Homes in Herriman, Utah, had decided to build a replica of the “Up” home. However, due to copyright issues, permission had to be obtained from Disney.

The media giant consented with one condition: blueprints for the home would be surrendered to Disney after completion so that the home would be the only one of its kind. The builder intended the home to be a tourist draw to this small town of just under 22,000 residents. However, the Hamblins’ love of the home convinced the builder to sell them the unit for $400,000.
Title: Herriman utah
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