Monday, June 17, 2013

Jessica Beagley charged with child abuse

Jessica Beagley charged with child abuse, Jessica Beagley had a formal arraignment Friday for child abuse stemming from a video shown on the Dr. Phil Show. The mother of an adopted son shared with the audience as well as television viewers at home punishments for her son that most feel are over the top. The acts in question for the alleged child abuse were holding hot sauce in his mouth and a cold shower for lying. The child is an adopted 7 year old boy.

Beagley still has custody of her five children and her tactics of parental discipline came to light on the show during a video. The alleged charges stem from an unreasonable parental discipline act. Most folks who saw the piece felt the methods seem extreme. The charges filed had the woman pleading not guilty in Anchorage, Alaska.

The news media, the celebrity media and the Russian media have taken great interest to this case as it has become an International event questioning adoptions across International borders. As this child is adopted from Russia but lives in Alaska, people are concerned this isn’t just an isolated incident and that other family units use this type of punishment exclusively for kids who are adopted.

However ridiculous this may seem, it isn’t common practice to make people talk cold showers as punishment. It is even more odd, that Dr. Phil would air such a piece that would show this type of video. The show seems pretty fair in the approach to help families and we hope they step up to provide further assistance to this family that benefits the kids.

Take a look at the video clip of the kid being punished. The screaming from the cold showers is curling. Viewer beware!
Title: Jessica Beagley charged with child abuse
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