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Kim and Kanye's baby

Kim and Kanye's baby, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's anxiously awaited baby girl may have finally arrived, but we're going to have to wait years to discover just what kind of personality the little girl has and what kind of relationship she has with her famous parents, and then decades to learn what kind of career path she'll take.

To get the scoop on that stuff ahead of time, omg! talked to astrologist and founder of Susan Miller, who took a look at the baby's astrological chart based on her birthdate and the fact she was born in the morning. (In case you were clueless about this stuff like we were, you have to determine what sign was rising on the Eastern horizon as the baby was being born.) And sorry, Kimye haters, sounds like the stars (or in this case planets) have aligned for the world's newest Kardashian … and she'll have a lot going for her in life.
As luck would have it, she's lucky

"This baby is the luckiest little baby on the planet. This week is when the sun aligns with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. I call these the luckiest days of the year," Miller explains. "This gives prominence, money, an ability to travel far and wide. It allows you to elevate to the very top of your profession if you want to. There's a golden triangle in the heavens going on right now. When you get planets cooperating with each other, it just brings opportunity and it almost gives you plain dumb luck. This baby is just born with a lot of luck surrounding her." Figures!

Surprise, surprise. She'll be famous.

"At the very top of her chart, she has Neptune," explains Miller. "When you have Neptune so high up, your face is known to everyone. This is not a private baby," Miller continues. But doesn't that just have to do with the fact that her mother just happens to have multiple reality shows? Not necessarily, says our astrologist, who explains that while family environment does have something to do with the choices a person, she doesn't take into account the baby's background when reading the chart. Meaning Miller would the same thing if your sister or best friend's baby had been born at the same time.

She'll be a talker, a writer, a hard worker, and a money-maker
"She has the moon of Virgo, a sign of how superb she is at communicating and writing. When you have the moon in Virgo, you watch all the details and you get good with grammar and you hand in something polished. This baby cares, she's organized. This child is goal-oriented, knows what’s she wants," explains Miller, who also says that Baby Kimye is also going to be able to parlay her communication skills into a nice paycheck. "She knows how to make money because Venus is in the solar second house with Mercury so the writing brings her the money. Venus is associated not just with love, but with money. She's born with a lot of energy and a lot of drive. And she'll be very sunny and happy and optimistic."

She'll have a good relationship with mom Kim … most of the time.

"Kim's going to get along great with her baby because Kim's a Libra and the baby will get along with her mother because Saturn and the moon are beautifully angle and Venus and the moon are nicely angled," she explains. But it's that pesky Mars that's not aligned with the moon that could cause trouble. “If she's going to have little arguments with anybody, it's her mother, but that’s because her mother's there more."
This baby will be especially close with dad Kanye

Turns out Kanye has the same aspect of Jupiter aligned to the sun that his baby does … something that only happens once every 12 years. "Their outlook is so similar. That relationship will be incredibly strong," Miller insists. "He'll always take care of her and he will not be a father that's going to disappear, financially or any other way. He gets very attached to this baby and takes her to a lot of fun places. He's going to have a big effect on her."
She has something in common with a woman who's very un-Kardashian
 Remember how we said baby Kimye came into the world during those few lucky days that only come along once a year? Well Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was born during that same time period back in 1954. Might we see Justice Kardashian-West presiding over the country's highest court 50 years from now? Never say never …
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