Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lacey schwimmer plastic surgery

Lacey schwimmer plastic surgery, Lacey Schwimmer Appears To Have Gotten Breast Implants Along With Other Things To Change Her Look. Here is a Lacey Schwimmer Before and After Photo

If you've seen Lacey Schwimmer lately, you  may not recognize her. Over her time in the spotlight, Lacey Schwimmer has gone through a considerable transformation.

The Dancing with the Stars competitor first hit the spotlight as a brunette pixie. Recent photos from November 2011 show her to be more of a blonde bombshell.

A recent story in US Magazine suggests that Lacey Schwimmer had plastic surgery. The story quote a source who states that the dancer had breast implants. Throw in some bleach-blonde hair and bronzer and Lacey Schwimmer looks like an entirely different person.

Schwimmer has yet to comment on her transformation. According to the US Magazine story, Schwimmer wanted to keep her plastic surgery secret.

Still, it's hard not to notice that something is going on.
Title: Lacey schwimmer plastic surgery
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