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Mickey rourke plastic surgery after becoming a professional boxer

Mickey rourke plastic surgery after becoming a professional boxer, If you’re wondering how to look like Mickey Rourke, bad cosmetic surgery and boxing are the answers to your questions. Once a major heart throb in the 1980s, particularly in movies like Angel Heart where Rourke played a private detective in classic noir fashion, Rourke took his good looks for granted.

After acting he went into boxing, where he fared passingly well as a professional fighter. Like some other stars of past and present, it also cost him his good looks (see also Bruce Jenner and Steve Martin before and after surgery). Of course that didn’t stop his acting career, and he’s since come back with great films like The Wrestler, Sin City and playing the villain in Iron Man 2. Mickey Rourke is also one of the very rare celebrities that fully admits he’s had plastic surgery done, and goes even further to describe it as celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

What Cosmetic Surgery Did Mickey Rourke Have Done?

Mickey Rourke’s admitted plastic surgery procedures have been on his face. He has certainly not had more procedures than Cindy Jackson, the Guinness Book of Records holder for the most cosmetic procedures on a single person (see Cindy Jackson).He’s had his nose re-shaped and re-built with five separate surgeries, and he’s had cartilage removed from his ear.

He’s also admitted to having facial reconstruction surgery done on his cheek. Beyond all of these facial procedures though there are further rumors that Mickey has also had a facelift (see natural facelift without plastic surgery) that went badly.

It can sometimes be hard to separate the admitted surgery from the rumored surgery, especially with a plastic surgery celebrity like Mickey Rourke, but he’s only really admitted to having the reconstructive surgery on his cheek and nose, which he talked about in an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail.

Why Did Mickey Get Surgery?

For those that have never seen a professional boxing match, they aren’t pretty affairs.  Especially when you get into the weight class that Rourke was fighting at.
While he did win 6 or the 8 professional fights he was in, 4 of them by knockout, the fists of his opponents were not kind to Rourke’s face.

He had his nose broken several times, and his cheekbone was fractured. In order to clean up the mess of his face, Rourke said, he had to get plastic surgery. But he also admits that he went to the “wrong guy” to get the reconstruction done.

Rourke needed to get his cheekbone fixed, and his nose, since the scar tissue from the injuries just wasn’t healing correctly.

Surgeons had to take cartilage from his ear in order to try and fix his nose, which had been broken at least twice during his stint as a fighter.

Between the injuries he’d received, the poor choice of surgeon and the sheer number of procedures that he’s undergone, it’s no wonder that Mickey Rourke’s appearance has changed so dramatically from what it once was in his hey day in the 1980s.

Of course Rourke probably had one of the best reasons for getting plastic surgery in Hollywood, and as a male actor it can be a hard thing to admit. But if he needs to get future plastic surgery, Mickey Rourke should know enough to do it right this time.

Title: Mickey rourke plastic surgery after becoming a professional boxer
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