Monday, June 17, 2013

Mom turns to Internet when son is shot

Mom turns to Internet when son is shot, The mother of a Houston teen might not be getting a “World’s Best Mom” mug this Sunday after she allegedly went to ol’ Dr. Internet instead of calling 911 after her 14-year-old son was shot by a family friend.

Cops say that Pete Jesse Rodriguez was allegedly chasing the 14-year-old with his gun and eventually shot him in the leg. It sounds like a pretty open and shut case for investigators because the house had a security camera that recorded the whole incident.

Yes, that house had a security camera. The home was run down with dogs running loose behind a rickety fence. It looked less like a house and more like a redneck meth lab.  What were they afraid was going to be stolen, their jugs of moonshine? Anyway…

After being shot, the teen laid on the floor for several minutes which is a typical symptom of a gunshot wound, or according to WebMD, narcolepsy. And since the chicken soup and Sprite didn’t seem to be working the mother finally drove her teenage son to the hospital, seven hours later.

Hopefully, she won’t be using LegalZoom to defend her in court.
Title: Mom turns to Internet when son is shot
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