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Elisabeth Shue And Jennifer Lawrence

Elisabeth Shue And Jennifer Lawrence, said she was glad that her "House at the End of the Street" co-star Jennifer Lawrence was so mature for her age.n "House at the End of the Street," Lawrence plays Elissa, the daughter of a newly divorced mom (played by Elisabeth Shue) who moves to a rural town into the house of their dreams. The two later learn that the house next door was the scene of a chilling murder, where a girl murdered her parents and ran away, leaving her brother Ryan (Max Thieriot) as the only survivor.

Shue described her character to Entertainment Weekly as being a "rock-and-roll groupie type" who is the more of the child in her relationship with her daughter, a dynamic which attracted her to the role.

"In real life, it was very interesting meeting Jennifer for the first time, because she is incredibly grown up for her age. It was nice that the second I met her, I was like, 'Oh, this dynamic is going to be perfect.'"

Shue is best known for her Academy Award nominated role in "Leaving Las Vegas." Lawrence was also nominated for an Academy Award, for her role in the 2010 film, "Winter's Bone."

Shue launched her career appearing in commercials for Burger King, DeBeers diamonds and Hellman's mayonnaise, before landing the role of Ralph Macchio's girlfriend in "The Karate Kid."

Lawrence's career began at age 14, when she appeared in a commercial for MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" and in the movie "Devil You Know." Following the attention she received from "Winter's Bone," Lawrence was cast in "X-Men: First Class" and "The Hunger Games."

"Yeah, I did commercials and stuff. She was lucky. I think she got out of that stage of her career. She's much more mature than I was, though," Shue said, laughing. "Much stronger, much more sure of herself. When I started out, I was very green, very unsure how to get my footing."

The 48-year-old actress, who has appeared on-screen for 30 years, told Entertainment Weekly that she hopes Lawrence gets a chance to show off her sense of humor, after appearing in so many serious roles.

"It was great working with her. She's really warm and generous. She also had a great sense of humor... it would be great for her to find a great comedy," Shue said of the young actress. "'The Hunger Games is so serious.' She has a really great, dry sense of humor. We definitely laughed a lot. She's a really great personality."

Shue has also appeared in films like "Adventures in Babysitting," "Deconstructing Harry," "Mysterious Skin," "Hollow Man," "Piranha," "Janie Jones," "The Karate Kid" and "Back to the Future" Part II and Part III.

She also appeared in TV series like "Call to Glory" and guest starred on "Dream On" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm." She currently stars in CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" opposite Ted Danson.

Shue will next appear opposite Gerard Butler in "Chasing Mavericks," which is slated for release on October 26. She is currently filming "Feed the Dog," a comedy which also stars Selena Gomez, Heather Graham and Mary-Louise Parker.

Watch a trailer for "House at the End of the Street" and an interview with Jennifer Lawrence below.
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