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Injury To a Thumb Lligament From Stress Gamekeeper'sThumb

Injury To a Thumb Lligament From Stress  Gamekeeper'sThumb, Skier’s Thumb usually results from an acute injury, generally from falling on an outstretched thumb or having the thumb forcibly pulled back. This could result from a child running full force into your outstretched hand, for example. Skiers often are injured when their thumb catches in the pole. Gamekeepers used to end up with this injury from snapping rabbit’s necks; in their case, the injury was chronic, with the damage accumulating over a number of months.

Location of the Thumb MCP Joint Injury
Ligaments attach one bone to another. The ulnar collateral ligament is located at the base of the thumb, near the V-crease where the thumb and index finger meet, on the inside of the thumb. The ligament attaches two bones, the proximal and distal phalanx, to each other at the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint. The distal phalanx is the second bone in the thumb; the proximal phalanx begins where the thumb meets the V between the thumb and first fingers.

Symptoms of a Torn UCL
It can be difficult to tell whether the thumb ulnar collateral ligament is completely or partially torn. Tearing the ulnar collateral ligament makes your thumb unstable; it bends more than it should, which makes it hard to grip and squeeze. The thumb doesn’t bend completely away from the hand, even if the ligament is completely torn, because another ligament, the accessory collateral ligament, also attaches to the bones and keeps the thumb from dangling off the hand altogether. The injury is usually quite painful initially and afterwards whenever it’s stressed. There may be quite a bit of swelling around the joint and into the palm as well.

Title: Injury To a Thumb Lligament From Stress Gamekeeper'sThumb
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