Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sub Boss Faked Death

Sub Boss Faked Death, Navy sub boss Commander Michael P. Ward II reportedly faked his own death on the USS Pittsburgh so that he could end an affair, calling it an inappropriate relationship.The Navy issued a scornful statement about the former Naval Commander.

"Commander Ward's dishonesty and deception in developing, maintaining, and attempting to end his inappropriate relationship … were egregious and not consistent with our Navy's expectations of a commissioned officer," stated Captain Vernon Parks in official documents.

Apparently, the married man used an alias in order to start seeing a woman back in October of last year. He kept this relationship up, and in July, the mistress told him she was pregnant with his baby.

Due to complications, the woman lost the baby, but Ward kept up the relationship until later that month. It was then that he made up the fictitious name "Bob" and emailed the woman claiming to be Ward's co-worker.

"Bob" claimed that Ward had died unexpectedly. However, she found out the truth when she went to pay her respects to his former residence. The Commander actually moved to Connecticut to begin his new position in the Navy.

"She was very surprised," Jon Boyle, the new resident in Ward's home, told The Denver Post. "She told me they were good friends, and they'd known him [Ward] a while."

After being found guilty of Naval violations, he was officially reprimanded and transferred to a submarine unit in Groto.
Title: Sub Boss Faked Death
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