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Surprising way to commute

Surprising way to commute, When you’re in a rush to make your flight, there’s nothing worse than hearing the beeps of the body scanner as you go through security, or the words ‘whose bag is this?’. Except maybe being taken into a room for a private inspection involving a glove. Most regular travellers are clued up on obvious regulations, but sometimes still set off alarms even after separating liquids, taking off any bling and putting it in a basket. We checked with security staff at airports around the UK to find out about the less obvious things we should know to make security checks as quick and pain-free as possible.Chewing gum

Most of us know we should take off our belts, chuck our keys in the basket and generally rid ourselves of anything metallic before walking through the body scanner. However, not everyone would think to chuck out that little bit of chewing gum wrapper at the bottom of our pockets. But nothing escapes the metal-detection in airport security systems — and that includes foil wrapper.

Tip: If it’s hidden in one of 18 pockets on a pair of combat trousers then you could end up holding yourself up for an unnecessary amount of time. Better to travel in simple clothing with as few hiding places as possible, and make sure any pockets you do have are empty.

Medical scans
If you’ve had a radioactive scan in the past month, then it’s not unlikely you’re still radioactive enough to trigger false security alarms. Over 18 million such tests using radioactive versions of common elements are carried out in the UK each year.

Tip: If you know you’re travelling in that time then it’s worth asking your doctor to confirm the date of your scan to show staff if you set off the alarm, but failing that all you can do is explain the situation to them if it gets to the stage where it’s an issue.

Although staff take them into account, and they don’t lead to any problems most of the time, underwire bras or corsets could trigger the metal detector. Then you might find yourself subject to a wand inspection – or even a private inspection in a room if staff still aren’t fully satisfied.

Tip: If you can, opt for metal-free undies on days you’re flying. And as a stray piece of metal is also at danger of getting a closer look if it’s in your hand luggage, pack any wired underwear in your check-in luggage to be on the safe side.

As an aerosol product, inhalers can catch the attention of security because they often break strict quantity rules for liquids, gels, and aerosols. Obviously they’re exempt from restriction because they’re considered a medical must for the traveler, but that might not stop staff from emptying your bag to give it a closer look.
Tip: Make sure it’s clearly labelled and pop it in one of the clear plastic backs and send it through the bag scanner by itself. If it’s not too busy to easily grab their attention, it also doesn’t hurt to give security the heads-up.

Hair extensions
One of the methods commonly used to attach hair extensions is a technique where the hair extension is held in place by a metal bead. And we all know what metal does to a walk-through security scanner. Beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep.

Tip: One option to avoid this would be to detach your extensions and put them in a bag to pass through the bag scanner, but that’s a hassle. And might get funny looks. The best thing to do is walk through and if the alarm goes off, immediately inform the member of staff who pulls you aside so they can take it into account.

Some shoes and boots – often it’s the dressier ones – are fitted with metal shank design and set off security alarms, but unfortunately the shanks are unseen from the outside of the shoe.
Tip: You’ll sometimes be asked to remove your shoes to walk through anyway, but even if you don’t then it’s still worth removing them if there is major resistance when you try to bend the soul – a good indicator that there’s a metal shank inside. Your best bets for travel footwear are soft-soled shoes like trainers, plimsolls or flip-flops.

Most people with metal-strapped watches remember to take them off and put them through the bag scanner separately, but often it’s assumed that plastic or rubber watches – popular for summer holidays as they’re more waterproof – are safe to hold onto. Actually, the interior of a watch will set off the alarms in most circumstances, regardless of whether you can see any metal from the outside.

Tip: Have one basket where you put anything you’ve removed from your body – watches, belts, jewelry etc – so that security can see it all clearly. Then you can briskly put it all on again when your basket is through so you can be on your way.
Title: Surprising way to commute
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