Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gorgeous Dining Rooms

Gorgeous Dining Rooms - Yesterday, I featured my woefully inadequate dining room space, which is a work in (slow) progress. For inspiration, I turned to my magazine file of my favorite dining spaces, and scanned them for your eyes only. Now if my dining room could look like any of these, no one would ever remember what food I actually served.

You will notice that I lean traditional. However, my personal style is less Architectural Digest, and more Better Homes and Gardens. Yet I constantly peruse and collect copies of Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Southern Accents, Decor, and Remodel magazines to dream my little dreams of someday adding extra glam to my little dining room corner.

Here are just a sampling of the many images I’ve collected. (All efforts were made to acknowledge the photographer, if known.) These pictures are so lovely, you’ll be glad I’m featuring Part Two next week.

House Beautiful, April 2008: Such a calm color scheme, and a great mix of chairs. It could just be the light, but it appears that the chandelier and picture frames are a champagne color, which is noticeably softer than gold or bronze.

Decor, Fall/Winter 2007: Fantastic use of purple velvet tufted chairs with traditional ornate chandelier. Refraining from the use of an area rug shows off the beautiful wood flooring.

Southern Accents, May/June 2008: This chandelier is to die for, and I adore that beautiful white hutch with the fresh circular pattern in the glass. A nice blend of wood tones and fabrics.

House Beautiful, February 2008: This space is so interesting! Orange velvet, a dark wood table on a key patterned rug, and is that a white coral chandelier? Beautiful use of spa blue as a backdrop to its orange compliment.

Southern Accents, July/August 2008: How dreamy is that chandelier up against those chocolate walls? Simple and whimsical centerpieces from nature.

Southern Accents, May/June 2008: Three different styles of chairs covered in the same fabric with nailhead trim. This dining room multitasks as a library as well. What a brilliant technique to hang such a formal mirror in front of the books to highlight the lighting.

Decor, Fall/Winter 2007: Another dining space that multitasks as a library space. A medley of chairs, a bench, and no area rug reduce the formality, and the chandelier adds just a bit of sparkle. I could read for hours right here, with a cup of coffee and no interruptions.

Title: Gorgeous Dining Rooms
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