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Jennifer Lopez Wants Kids With Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez Wants Kids With Casper Smart, The 25-year-old, who was part of a hip hop clown troupe, is the toyboy in the life of Jennifer Lopez — and now the superstar has revealed she is is thinking of having children with him.

J-Lo, 43, who already has four-year-old twins with ex-hubby Marc Anthony, said her new relationship has made her broody for more.

She admitted: “I haven’t closed shop in that department.
“I don’t know, we have to see — we only have so many years that you can do that.”And she added she has so much love to give that she feels she is MADE for a big family.

The singer said: “I am a lover. I mean, at my core I feel like that’s such a big part of my personality — and a part of why I do what I do — because I have so much to say on that subject.
“I feel like that’s what my life is about.”

But some fear that Casper, who began dating the diva in November, may not be the right man for her — or the right dad for kids.

The tattooed hunk was just another wannabe trying to make it in Hollywood when he won a prized job working as J-Lo’s back-up dancer last summer. Before that break, as our exclusive picture reveals, he was working with a troupe of dancing clowns. He also moonlighted as a bare-chested performer at an LA club.
Friends from those days claim he was “desperate for fame” — and allege that he saw J-Lo as his meal ticket.Since winning her heart, he has been spotted swanning around in her Bentley and travelling in her private jet.

Casper has also been made choreographer on her world tour, allegedly outraging her other dancers who say he is “cocky” and inexperienced.

Casper was first introduced to the star by his dancer girlfriend of two years, Aisha Francis — who helped land him a dance gig on the video of J-Lo’s Dance Again.

Aisha had no idea the two had hooked up until she saw an item about the romance on the TV news.
One former pal, Josh Ayers, fumed: “Casper is a snake. He used Aisha to get where he wanted then dumped her.I want the world to know what Casper is really like.”

He is reportedly well-known on the dance circuit as a ladies man.
His former clown-troupe mentor Thomas Johnson said of their touring days together: “The ladies were always on him. He had confidence. He was very charming. It was easy for him and he was a bad ass, you know. Casper’s always had his women." Thomas recruited Casper for his LA “Hip Hop Clowns” collective in 2007.
The hopeful from Orange County, California, was the first white dancer in the group.

Thomas, 40, who invented the clown dance movement in 1992 to help stop children getting involved in gangs, told The Sun: “With him being a Caucasian dude, he stuck out like a sore thumb, because this is a black community.
“But he was very, very good at what he was doing. He was aggressive, cocky, energetic — he had a unique style. He used to travel back and forth from Orange County to the ghetto here in Inglewood, to train with us.”
And he reckons that despite Casper’s womanising past, he might be just what Jennifer needs.He declared: “J-Lo is dating a clown. That’s what she wants. They are in a big old circus — and her kids are happy because he is a clown.

“He is going to make it a brighter atmosphere in their house because he knows everything doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. I think it's amazing. If they are both serious, it could be a win-win situation.”

But according to reports, J-Lo’s ex-husband Marc, 43, is not quite so thrilled about the time Casper is spending with twins Max and Emme. Jennifer insists that she and Latino star Marc are still close and work as a team as parents, despite divorcing last year. She revealed of the split: “Obviously something wasn’t perfect there, but the truth is that there’s love there. We were great friends first — and we have two babies.
“The main goal is to just not mess them up, to really make them OK and be sure that we are what we need to be to them first.

“You go second in that equation. Our feelings and our struggles and whatever we had going, kind of comes second — and the love that we share in common for those kids comes first.”

Her marriage to Grammy-winning singer Marc was her third — and her turbulent record in love is another reason why some friends are wary about her latest romance.Her first marriage, to waiter Ojani Noa in 1997, lasted a year and is still the focus of a vicious legal battle.

The star’s lawyers claim her ex has tried to reap cash from a tell-all book and sex tape, in breach of a confidentiality agreement they signed.

Almost immediately after divorcing Noa, J-Lo started dating hip-hop mogul P Diddy.
They were together for three years until the rapper got into an argument that ended in a gun fight at a New York City club in 1999. Jennifer was with him and had to run for her life. The scandal went down badly with her fans and she dumped him.

Once again she found new love nearly straight away, taking up with dancer Cris Judd, now 42. After dating for just three months they wed in September 2001. But they split seven months later, around the time J-Lo started shooting the widely panned movie Gigli with Ben Affleck — who she fell for.

The super-couple were quickly dubbed Bennifer and were soon engaged. They planned a £1.5million wedding for September 2003 but it was called off on the very day of bash.

Their love had been on a downhill path for months, since Ben was rumbled partying with strippers.
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