Monday, September 24, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel's botched 'Botox'

Jimmy Kimmel's botched 'Botox',He is well known for his comedy skits featuring celebrities on his late night talk show. So anticipation was high for Jimmy Kimmel's opening on tonight's Emmy Awards show.

And the comedy show host didn't disappoint, as actresses Zooey Deschanel, Christina Hendricks and Mindy Kaling gathered in a ladies' bathroom to practice their 'I can't believe I won' faces before discovering Kimmel in a stall crying about his bad Botox.

But the skit's pièce de résistance was 26-year-old Lena Dunham, who sits on a toilet naked and eating cake.The star and creator of the HBO series Girls, Lena is discovered in the stall after the three other actresses hear the sound of crying, and go looking for the source.Nashville star Connie Britton appears to open the door of Lena's stall, who is not crying, but rather sitting naked and eating an entire cake. The Good Wife's Martha Plimpton also joins the fun.

Lena has been praised not just for her writing, acting and directing talents, but also for her willingness to openly parade her larger figure in front of the camera, in defiance of the Hollywood pressure on women to be thin.The skit moves on, with the sound of howling heard in another stall from a distraught Kimmel.
Harry's Law actress Kathy Bates appears, moving Britton aside and telling her to 'stand back yoga pants!'
Bates punches through the door of the locked stall, tearing it off and revealing Kimmel, crouched in the corner and crying about a botched Botox job that will surely prevent him from hosting the show.Dressed in red bath robes, Bates and her fellow actresses crowd the entrance of the stall, trying to convince Kimmel he looks 'natural'.
The actresses then proceed to punch the 44-year-old back into shape, joined by the naked Dunham, who has left her own toilet stand to join the fun.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus even appears at the end of the scene to throw a couple more punches for good measure.Deciding he is finally ready to go on stage, Kimmel strips off his robe, only to reveal he is missing his pants.
Ellen DeGeneres arrives to save the day, handing the comedian a pair of pants so that he can go on with the show.
Kimmel hops around the bathroom before finally getting the pants on, revealing that they are fasr too short for him.
'They fit great!' he shouts to the bathroom full of celebrity women, before running out the door.The Emmy host later warmly introduced his parents, who were seated in the audience, and told viewers they had always been supportive of their son.
'They always told me I could do anything I set my mind to,' he said, 'and this year I set my mind to winning the Emmy.
'And guess what? I didn't,' he went on. 'You told me I could, and I didn't, and I'm devastated. You lied to me!'
Kimmel then has his parents evicted from the theatre with the help of 30 Rock actor Tracey Morgan.
'It’s OK if you Taser them if you need to,' he told the security men.
Title: Jimmy Kimmel's botched 'Botox'
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