Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Most important resumé words (VIDEO)

100 Great Resume Words, Use action words and active voice in your resume to help grab the reader's attention. The words you choose for your resume can help you catch the attention of a potential employer. It is important to use action words and to write in the "active voice" instead of "passive voice."
For instance: Passive voice: "Monthly financial reports were generated by me." — BAD! Active voice: "I generated the monthly financial reports." — GOOD! Here are some words you can use to make your resume more attention grabbing and dynamic: Assist Able Action Analysis Achievement Accomplished Advanced Conduct Consult Committed Conducted Contributed Coordinated Develop Deliver Design Defined Diversified Devoted Distinguished Encourage Earned Enhance Evaluate Examined Extended Facilitate Formulate Fulfilled Forecasted Generated Gained Gathered Gave Headed Hosted Identified Implemented Improved Improvised Influenced Launched Lobbied Maintained Managed Marketed Maximized Mediated Modernized Motivated Negotiated Observed Obtained Operated Organized Originated Oversaw Participated Performed Pioneered Planned Prepared Presented Promoted Provided Published Pursued Quantified Ranked Received Recommended Redesigned Reengineered Reorganized Represented Restructured Revised Safeguarded Secured Selected Specified Spearheaded Standardized Strengthened Structured Suggested Superseded Supervised Targeted Taught Tested Trained Transformed Transcended Unified Upgraded Utilized Validated Valued Wrote
Title: Most important resumé words (VIDEO)
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