Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sandra Bullock age

Sandra Bullock age, Sandra Bullock has entertained fans for years on the big screen. She has found amazing success by picking tasteful yet intriguing work that has left her in the good graces with her adoring fans. Recently Sandra, age 44, picked another one of those endearing movies called "The Proposal".

If you have seen the "Proposal" you will understand what I am saying when I say "AWESOME!" The movie had class, style, non stop laughter, some tears, and Sandra Bullock wearing her birthday suit. She was completely nude, beautiful, and made us laugh while she showed us how fabulous she was over 40 (one can only hope to look that good).

According to ABC News, Sandra was quoted in saying, "Box office like this, I'm going to be naked in every film," she joked on British morning show "GMTV." While she looked fabulous it wasn't just the nude scene that created the film's popularity. Ryan and Sandra make great bed partners and this reporter is looking forward to their next movie together.

After a long stint of no movies I say BRAVO to Sandra Bullock on her return to the Box Office. What were your thoughts on the movie? Did the nude scene make or break the show? Was it tasteful? Was it necessary? As always before you leave the page be sure to leave your mark in the comment section below. If you enjoyed this tidbit check out the Dating and Television and the Sex in the News topics! If you have any concerns, questions or would like to share any stories you can always email me. Thank you again for reading and participating in my column.
Title: Sandra Bullock age
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