Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Angelina buys Brad Pitt a $100,000 motorcycle

Angelina buys Brad Pitt a $100,000 motorcycle, Brad Pitt loves spending money on Jolie because he has so much of it. But this time Jolie was the one that spoiled him with this $100,000 gift.

Many of the most expensive purchases of all-time have been made by those of the celebrity set.

Angelina Jolie bought brad a $100,000 motorcycle for his 44th birthday.

Here are a few others in no particular order.

Petra Ecclestone spent $85 million (52 million pounds) on a 56,500 square feet property house for dogs.

Paris Hilton spent $325,000 on a 300 square foot dog house.

Lady Gaga buys $50,000 machine that detects ghosts.

Abrmovich spent $485 million on the Eclipse Yacht. It's 557 feet long with two swimming pools, two helicopter pads, a disco hall.

Bono buys $1,700 plane ticket for his hat.Nicole Scherzinger recieved a gold guitar used by Prince from boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. It's worth $100,000.

James Cameron bought himself a deepsea challenger submarine worth $8 million.

Mike Tyson bought his ex-wife a $2 million dollar bathtub.

Justin Combs got a $360,000 new Maybach from his dad Sean Diddy Combs for his sweet 16.

J. Lo bought Ben Affleck a $300,000 Bentley as a birthday gift.

Nick Cannon bought Mariah Carey a pink porsche.

Paul Allen bought himself a fleet of warplanes. They are fully functioning and are a part of Allen's private vintage warplane collection. It cost him $25 million.

Justin Beiber got a $100,000 Fisker Karma from manager Scooter Braun for his 18th birthday.

Kobe bought his wife a $4 million 8-carat purple diamond ring.

Beyonce's $2 million Bugatti for Jay-Z.

Giblert Arenas bought himself a million dollar pool. It's built of mountain stone. It has three fish tanks and there is an underground basement where you can enjoy the fish.

David got Posh Spice a Californian Napa Vineyard for his wife on her birthday.

Blue Ivy Carter got a $5,200 bathtub from Kelly Rowland.

Kim Basinger's purchase of the town of Braselton for a cool $20 million.
Title: Angelina buys Brad Pitt a $100,000 motorcycle
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