Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ashley Judd running for office

Ashley Judd Considers Running For Political Office, Ashley Judd is seriously considering a political run - because leading Democrats want her in office. The Frida star attended the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina on Wednesday night and spoke as a Tennessee delegate,
and she admits she'll be listening to the party's leaders on the final day of the political get together on Thursday and making a decision about her future in the months to come.

She tells MSNBC, "Everybody's thinking about it (political office) for me... and I'm at the point where so many people have asked that I feel it is honorable to at least talk about it.

"I do a lot in the U.S. with the Democrat Party at the county and national level and that may be the best use of me... but I'm just gonna listen to what people have to say and (decide) should I keep operating in the space I'm in or should I take the show to Washington? I don't know."

Judd admits that one thing that prevents her from diving into politics is her role as an international activist for women's rights, anti-poverty and anti-sex trafficking.

She adds, "I love what I'm currently doing; I love operating in the space of international development, poverty alleviation, I love using the narrative of traumatized, yet resilient people and sharing that in an empathetic way with Americans."
Title: Ashley Judd running for office
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