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Most Outrageous Gifts Exchanged by Celebrity Couples

Most Outrageous Gifts Exchanged by Celebrity Couples - Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once observed that the very rich “are different from you and me.” One clear difference is that the rich give better presents. See if you can guess how these celebrities have gifted their significant others, all in the name of love. By Larry West,

From Kanye to Kim
What do you give the woman who has everything? You up the ante with bigger and better stuff, including treating your girlfriend's mom. Kanye's clearly smitten, and he has the deep pockets to show it.

From Josh Jackson to Diane Kruger
It may be round and have diamonds, but it's not an engagement ring, which would seal the deal for this long-term couple, who say they're not interested in getting married. It was a delightful surprise, nonetheless, when Kruger spotted this treasure at a Monte Carlo auction, and Jackson bid on and won it for her.

From Jennifer Lopez to Casper Smart
What happens when a boy toy needs a new toy? If you're dating Jennifer Lopez, you can't very well take the bus, so when her 25-year-old boyfriend/dancer Casper Smart needed a ride, J.Lo gave him a really nice one.

From Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez
Inspired by a scene from the Adam Sandler flick "Mr. Deeds," Justin Bieber raised the bar on romantic gifts with a very private dinner in a very public place, followed by a screening of an uber-romantic movie. Rumor says he got the venue for free, but you can't fault the guy for thinking big. Very big.

From Angelina Jolie to Brad Pitt
Angelina really knows how to keep a guy interested -- even one as reportedly hard to buy for as partner Brad. Jolie's gifts to Pitt over the years, for everything from birthdays to Valentine's Day, show a level of inspiration and imagination rarely matched in celebrity circles or anywhere else.

From Katy Perry to Russell Brand
Brand was over the moon after his former wife, Perry, gave him a gift for his 35th birthday that was out of this world.

From Beyoncé to Jay-Z
When superstar rapper and businessman Jay-Z turned 41, wife Beyoncé spent $2 million on a gift guaranteed to keep him on the fast track.

From David Beckham to Victoria Beckham
Nothing says romance like real property. So when soccer superstar Beckham wanted to honor his wife, Victoria, he wasn't satisfied to just raise a glass. He also raised the stakes with an extraordinary gift that cost seven figures.

From Nick Cannon to Mariah Carey
When singer Carey turned 40, husband Cannon surprised her with this one-of-a-kind present designed to keep her in the pink.

From Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes
Most people like to share their interests with their spouses, but not many try as hard as actor Cruise. When he and Holmes got married, Cruise gave his bride a $20 million wedding gift that he hoped would inspire her to take up one of his favorite pastimes.

From Mike Tyson to Robin Givens
This gift that boxer Tyson purchased for his then-wife, Givens, was a knockout, but he may have wished he could get that $2 million back when he was $38 million in debt years later.

From Roman Abramovich to Dasha Zhukova
When Russian billionaire Abramovich wanted to do something special for girlfriend Zhukova, he reached for the stars and presented her with this heavenly gift.

From Keith Urban to Nicole Kidman
When daughter Faith was born to a surrogate mother, Urban gave actress-wife Kidman a $120,000 commemorative gift that he designed himself.

From Kelsey Grammer to Kayte Walsh
When "Frasier" star Grammer married British flight attendant Walsh and wanted a special wedding gift for his bride, he came up with something that says "Love" in any language.

From Marc Anthony to Jennifer Lopez
When Lopez gave birth to twins in 2008, then-husband Anthony gave her a couple of presents that totaled nearly $3 million. The couple's bank account didn't take much of a hit, however, because People magazine paid millions to publish the baby pictures.

From Mae Capone to Al Capone
When Prohibition-era crime boss Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion and was looking at a long stretch in Alcatraz, wife Mae gave him a gift that was instrumental in keeping him entertained during those long, lonely nights in prison.

From Jennifer Aniston to Justin Theroux
When the subject of spectacular gift-giving comes up, most people don't instantly think "used clothing." But when Theroux turned 40, Aniston gave him a vintage piece once worn by the King of Cool.

From Jude Law to Sienna Miller
A year after their nasty breakup, actor Law tried to restore harmony to his relationship with Miller. His "double gift" was designed to fulfill one of her childhood dreams and add some serious bling to their reconciliation.

From Ben Affleck to Jennifer Garner
Most men reward their wives for being good partners and mothers by taking them out for a romantic dinner on their anniversary or making them waffles on Mother's Day. When Affleck wanted to thank Garner "for being a good mom" to their three kids, he whipped up something special with carats.
Title: Most Outrageous Gifts Exchanged by Celebrity Couples
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